Letter of Intent

Congratulations! You have successfully submitted the Letter of Intent for your club to participate in BC Soccer’s Charter Program!

Your governing body (as applicable, i.e. Youth District) and BC Soccer will now review your Letter of Intent and organizational status to ensure your club has the appropriate governing documentation in place, is in good standing and, is working collaboratively with other members and affiliates of BC Soccer.


Upon review, if your club’s Letter of Intent is Accepted, as Club President, you will receive log-in information to BC Soccer’sCharter specific online tool. This tool will be the access point for various resources to support the club’s application and will facilitate the application process.

If your club’s Letter of Intent is Declined, you will receive an email notification informing you of this. Your next step is to contact your direct governing body (Youth District/Adult League/BC Soccer as applicable) to determine any action that may need to be taken prior to re-submitting your club’s Letter of Intent through BC Soccer’s Charter website.