Get Involved - Submit the Letter of Intent

BC Soccer is pleased to be accepting members and their affiliate clubs to submit their letter of intent to opt into the BC Soccer Club Charter Program.  The letter of intent gives Youth Districts and Adult Leagues the opportunity to support their affiliate club's participation while also making BC Soccer aware of clubs who would like to join the program.

Once clubs have submitted their letter of intent and their direct governing body has confirmed that the club has met certain criteria including being in good standing, Canada Soccer and BC Soccer resources will be made available to assist clubs in submitting their application for Standard One within the Club Charter Club.

If you are a club President, have had the initial consultants visit from BC Soccer and want to join the program please click on the link below to complete the letter of intent which is facilitated via BC Soccer's online management system. 

Submit the Letter of Intent

Attention Youth District Associations

Please see the Club Charter Letter of Intent – Accept or Decline decision making process memo and CRM User Guide - Club Charter for more information on how you accept one of your member club's letter of intent.

Get Involved - Club Visits

Since early February 2016, BC Soccer is pleased to have met with over 50 affiliated soccer club boards across BC, to provide more detailed information on the Club Charter Program and next steps on how to join.

If you are a club President and have yet to host a BC Soccer Club Charter Meeting, please contact Paul Turner, Soccer Development Officer at to arrange a club visit.

BC Soccer strongly believes that the more clubs involved in the program the better the soccer environment will be for all of the 120,000 registered soccer players in British Columbia. 

Let’s all continue to work together to build a stronger province-wide soccer environment for British Columbia!