Which clubs are eligible to be part of the BC Soccer Club Charter Program?
All full members and their affiliate soccer clubs, including BCSPL clubs are eligible to be a part of this BC Soccer Club Charter program

How does a club learn more about the program?
Between early February and April 2016, BC Soccer has been (and will be) meeting with every affiliated club board across BC, to provide more detailed information on the Club Charter Program and next steps on how to join. If you are a club President and wish to set up a visit, please contact: Chris Cerroni, BC Soccer Director of Soccer Development at chriscerroni@bcsoccer.net to arrange a club visit.

Does the Club Charter Program cost anything to the clubs who opt in?
The Program is Free for all clubs.  BC Soccer values all of the services that clubs provide to the thousand of individuals involved in the game at the local levels and this program is a way for BC Soccer to continue to show their support.

What is the Youth Districts or Adult Leagues involvement with the Club Charter Program?
Clubs who opt into the program need to be in good standing with their District or League. Through the automated letter of intent process (available April) the District or League will need to sign off on your letter of intent.

How long is the initial Club Visit and are there any AV requirements?
The initial club visit will be lead by a Club Charter Lead and will take approximately 90 mins.  The visit will be a presentation to start followed by a Question and Answer session. AV equipment on sight is much appreciated

Why do clubs have to wait until April to Submit a letter of intent?
The focus of the BC Soccer until April will be to have as many club visits as possible and to make as many clubs aware of the program.  In April, once clubs can submit their letter of intent, BC Soccer can then focus on supporting the clubs who have opted in to the program.

Does our club need to apply for the Club Charter Standard One before applying for Standard Two or Three?
Yes. Each club who is part of the BC Soccer Club Charter Program will need to apply and meet the Standard One criteria before applying for Standard Two (once available). This will be the same between Standard Two and Three as clubs will need to meet Standard Two before applying for Standard Three. 

Why are Standard Two and Standard Three not available today?
With a program of this size and scope BC Soccer recognizes the importance of having a systematic approach to releasing each Standard as it will ensure clubs are familiar with all of the criteria.  This timeline also allows BC Soccer to provide the necessary support to the clubs who are part of the program.